MargaritaChick Cooks

A few years back, TheChick (as in me) and a friend went to the Disney Institute back when it was geared toward individuals and not corporate learning. I took a cooking class, my friend took a couple, and we loved it! We got to cut, chop, knead, boil, use really big knives, taste good wine, make good food and just have a bunch of fun. I left there with a renewed love of cooking with execellence. I have always loved to cook and entertain friends. (It's a personality flaw, I need attention. Turns out cooking good food gets a lot of attention from my friends. And it's all positive attention from hard work, so it's a healty way of feeding my attention hunger. As opposed to jumpiing up and down yelling "Pay attention to me!")

Anxious to expand my cooking skills and knowledge, I go to a cooking "class" at a local gourmet store with the above friend, and was quite dismayed when I discovered that I would be doing no cooking, just watching someone else cook. Now, I'm okay with watch other people cook, especially if I learn a few things, afterall I do love Food TV, but I was hoping to get a little hands on experience!

Well, Disney Institute has since traded general admission for "Professional Developement," and most local cooking schools cost beaucoup de bucks. (Like my French?) So, I started out on my own, contacting a few friends who either showed an interest in learning more about cooking or lending their knowledge to more people, and Voila! My cooking school was born.

We immediatly decided that although making a bunch of cookies (our test recipe) was fun and all, we needed a way to share our foods with others. So, we started having cooking schools in conjunction with my parties.

Thus far we have made:

ugh, I should start this up again, but it's tiring, and I don't have as much time as I used to. Here's some recipes that I love too: