MargaritaChick Dances

Okay, so people asked about why this page was blank. Basically it's because I don't have anything to say about my dancing right now. Future goals are a Beginer's Guide to Ballroom Dancing, with hints on how to find the right instructor/studio, what kind of shoes to buy, To compete or not to compete, Social Ballroom dancing in general, and many other things, if I get the chance to put it together, plus if my friends and I get on the ball, we might just have information for a Competition out here. :)

For now I will try to get some links to ballroom dancing in Austin, Texas, USA and the world out there. :)

That's all for now. I really didn't want to have a link fest on too many of my pages, so while I may check out any links that you send me, I would rather spend my time making this page better suited to information gathering than listing sites.