Thanksgiving 2007

It's not a Holiday, is a Holiweekend

Special Guests: My parents

No, Iím not taking the relationship to the next level; I just invited them for Thanksgiving because I enjoy their company and they have this lame habit of wanting to visit during the summer, you know, when the heat is unbearable in Texas but itís kind of nice in Illinois? Yeah, thatís when they come.

Party in the First Part - Turkey Day

Eating and lots of it. I will supply a Turkey large enough to feed everyone that RSVPs (and then some). I will also scrape together some dressing, my ancho pepper sweet potatoes, those cranberries people are still talking about, and pie. Mmmmm pie. Iíll also grab some apple cider.

I plan to take the Turkey out of the oven at 1:00. Though I planned that last year and it was out by 12:15, so, noonish?

"But," you say. "what can I bring?" Funny you should ask that...

Party in the Second Part - Stupid Mall Fest

Marla makes gumbo really well. And she likes her the turkey. So I grant her the use of my leftover turkey bits to be makin' the gumbo. Mmmmm, gumbo. Whoowee! Gumbo. So come clear the sinuses and help me decorate my home for Christmas. If folks want to, I was thinking of doing some Christmas crafts again. Maybe painting glass ornaments?

So dodge the mall on this evil day of comercialism and come to my place. Noonish. I may make people watch the Texas-A&M game. It's only ONE game, you can sit through it, right?

There will likely be pie and other leftovers. If you can't make it Thursday and have leftovers to get rid of, bring 'em by.

Party in the Dear God is it not Over? Part - Game Night

Also known as entertain the parents night. Bring your games, puzzles, cute selves and sit around finishing off the rest of the leftovers while getting your game on.

On the last day, they rested

Seriously. I'm gonna need to sleep some.